American Wish Ride

Tye plans to continue his ride into all 48 Lower States with the help of Hannah, the horses Rudy/Jazz and their puppy, Pistol Annie. Both Tye and his wife Hannah are on a mission to help raise funds for Ropin’ Dreams and New Horizon Ranch. They have been working tirelessly to prepare for the next leg of The American Wish Ride. Tye will continue to ride his horses to each destination on the route. Hannah will be driving a truck and pulling a trailer to each stop along the way. It has been a dream of theirs to continue ‘The American Wish Ride’ together and make a difference as a team. Having two horses and a bed to sleep in each night, will not just help them cover more miles, but give them the ability to reach more people throughout America to bring in more donations to these wonderful charities.

In March of 2017 they set out again on their journey (beginning in Bonifay, Florida) and continuing up the East Coast.  As Tye and Hannah make their way throughout the United States they want to connect with people on a personal level and hear the dreams of the people they meet. You can participate in the journey on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter while Tye and Hannah post updates of their adventures and the nice people they meet along the way. In order for The Sturgeons to continue raising money for the charities together; they need more support than ever to make this possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please visit “Our Sponsors” and “Contact Us” page to find more information.

Knowing that times are tough Tye and Hannah plan to work as hard as they can to bring awareness to and benefit these charities in every way possible. If you are willing to help The Sturgeons and support The American Wish Ride, Ropin’ Dreams and the New Horizon Kids Ranch along the way, check out their route to see when they will be close to you. Perhaps you can help them out with a warm meal, some hay or a safe place to rest. Everyone has a dream. What is yours?  Saddle up and ride with us when we get to your city!