Edward: The horse that started it all


Tye started the trail with Edward, a stout 14.2 hand Sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail. His breed and where he came from were unknown. Previous owners thought he might have come from Oklahoma. What was known is that someone took the time to brand him a few times at some point in his life. Edward’s build and markings suggested he had Quarter Horse and/or Paint in him. Edward settled his travels with Adam and Stacy Garcia and their 4 children in Batesville, AR.

Edward was a handful when he first arrived at the Garcia’s. He had his own ideas about being ridden, but he quickly started to bond with the kids and learned to behave himself. Much time, lots of gentle care and many miles were put on him by the kids and Adam. Edward quickly became a great trail horse, happily going wherever his rider pointed him.


When Adam Garcia encouraged Tye’s American Wish Ride he agreed to sell Edward to Tye for $20 and they went on to ride more than 2,600 miles together forming a deep understanding and friendship. Tye says of his bond with Edward: “I would not even attempt a ride without such a loyal and hardy horse as Edward.”

In December of 2015 Tye decided it was time to ‘retire’ his faithful partner to the greener pastures of Melbourne, Arkansas at his Aunt and Uncle’s farm. Tye and Edward had an adventure together that is unlike anything most people will get to experience in their lifetime. He is eternally grateful that God blessed him with not just a noble horse, but an unwavering friend out on the trail. Nothing could ever replace the bond they share and Edward will forever be a member of the family.