Hannah Sturgeon

Hannah Sturgeon is a 24 year old homegrown Wisconsinite from the tight knit community of Evansville. Hannah was raised with her two older siblings on a 55 acre beef cattle farm on the outskirts of town. This is where she worked for her family who owns and operates the city newspaper and a sweeping/pressure washing company. Immediately after Tye and Hannah’s marriage; she moved down to Arkansas (with Jazz, her horse) and has been enjoying the warm weather ever since. Hannah is an old soul who has a passion for her family and faith. She is a true blue, goofy as can be, genuine spirit. Hannah has always had a love for horses, photography and traveling. She currently lives with her husband Tye in Batesville, Arkansas and she can’t wait to get on the road for The American Wish Ride to start making a difference for others.


“I had always been a tough egg to crack. Change never came easy and the fear of the unknown always kept my feet planted firmly on the ground. My parents, family and friends were always encouraging and knew I was meant for more, but I never had the confidence to push myself to be the more I wanted to be. My entire life I had always wondered where God would lead me and boy did he bring me to a wonderful place. After I met Tye, he broke me out of my shell, he believed in me without hesitation and he continues to help me daily become the best version of myself. Tye Sturgeon is truly an extraordinary man and over the years I have watched him do incredible things for so many people. All while helping me find the confidence in myself to achieve things I never thought possible. We have worked so hard to make The American Wish Ride happen for us as a team and I am honored to be apart of such an amazing journey. I hope, with everything I have, that we can make an impact for these kids. It’s all or nothing for us. We are going to do every bit of what it takes to help others that need it.”  -Hannah Sturgeon